I am Thankful

Spending time with friends and family creating is very special to me. Whether, I am teaching a class, cropping, crafting or taking a class it is always much more meaningful to share it with someone that you hold dear in your life. Last night, after several months of not being able to get together due to my schedule, I had my card class ladies over for a night of card making, fun and laughter. Almost 5 years ago, I started a monthly class/get together done at my home for some wonderfully talented and beautiful ladies. Age is no barrier from newly married with kids, to 40 something’s to retired grandmas, we all share a common bound. During this time we have shared heartache, deaths, marriages and new babies. We have prayed for each other, laughed and cried together. The love of creating brought us together and our love for each other has kept together. I am blessed. Thank you ladies for being a part of my life!


Sue said...

Your cards are beautiful as is your heart. I hope to start a similar scrapbooking group some day!
Blessings- LillySue

Barbara Jean said...

That's great that you were able to do that again.
I am so busy with the new store i do not have the time i used to, even with only being open 3 days a week.
That, and my addiction to blogland eat up my time.

Love your little card holder. I just picked up an old green rusty one of those holders, but it is for flowers. I could just bend them up and put bird pics in them, next to my bird display.

Blessings on your day.
Barbara Jean

PS I'm getting ready for my 200th post giveaway tomorrow starting tomorrow.

Maisy said...

they are beautiful. girl, you got some serious talent.

Alice W. said...

Very cute!

Stephenie said...

I just love your cards you made. They're all so beautiful..I love the cardholder too..
I have no time to create anymore.. Especially with doing the 3 12hr shifts in a row...For those 3 days I have no life.. Then it stinks that I work midnight..
It's always just so much fun making the time to be with friends and making things..

Natasha Burns said...

what lovely cards Sheila! I love that you and your friends get together to make beautiful cards and goodies. It really does make it more fun and more special to do, with great company around you