Freedom of Speech

March 4, 2009

I have never put anything political on my blog, before now. I totally believe in our freedom of speech. It is one of the things that makes up this great country. A country that I am proud to live in, but when the freedom of speech for one group, that protests at service men and women's funerals violates others rights and privacy of others, I have to stand up. When does the freedom of speech for one person or group, out way what is morally right? These people should not be allowed to protest at funerals. These service men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice, we need to protect these family's rights to a private funeral without threats of protests!
Leah C said...

Total agreement matter your political views, please show respect & gratitude to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country, our freedom.

Stephenie said...

I totally agree too. I'm beside myself that some people have no morals in the world today. These are people that go out and risk their lives for our freedom.

Jeanneoli said...

It is always amazing to me that people do not have limits. I can't imagine protesting at a makes me sick.

C Maisy said...

they were actually here in our town for the funeral of soldier. it was ridiculous what the town had to do to keep them at bay. they are legally allowed to be there...however, they have to be a certain distance from the funeral. semi trucks lined up around the church so they couldn't be seen. then the family had the soldiers favorite music blaring so their venomous yelling couldn't be heard. my heart was soooo sad for that family. they had, andstill do, have enough to deal with. that is how they will remember it. it's hard enough to plan services and then add that on. the semi truck drivers did it on their own. people are just amazing.
if you read about the group that is doing this it will make you sooooooooo angry. for them it is in the name of God. go figure...that's not my God.
ok....sorry...this just really upsets me...i witnessed it first hand!

Sandy Michelle said...

I heard about that when I was in the States and I was floored! It's just unacceptable!


Wanda said...

As the wife of a servicemember...thank you. I can't stand those groups either. They are so disrespectful. I'm all riled up...thanks, Sheila. :)