EGG-stra Special

March 18, 2009

This past weekend I took the time to create just for myself. One of the projects I created was from an paper mache egg that I had painted years ago and never quite finished. (I hope I am not the only one that does that!) I was a little too "new" for me so I antiqued it with my favorite brown ink, Van Dyke Brown. Then I added some vintage lace and topped it off with the beautiful ribbon, vintage millinery flower and S monogram that Stephenie sent to me.
This egg is now EGG-stra special to me. Everytime I pass by this egg sitting in my living room, I am reminded of my new blogging friendship and a generous random act of kindness bestowed on me by a lovely kindred spirit. Thank you Stephenie.
SL said...

Beautiful! I see you are also up bright and early this morning. Enjoy your new creation and thanks for sharing. You always inspire me!

Stephenie said...

I just love your egg. It looks so pretty. I'm glad you were able to use the stuff I sent you. I new you would make something beautiful.

Sandy Michelle said...

What a pretty egg! it certainly is egg-stra special :)

Kara Ward said...

So every detail!