Why am I drawn to vintage lace, crocheted and tatted pieces, especially the cream ones? Every time I go antiquing my eyes are trained to see these lovely pieces hiding in small places or in the case of Vintiques right there on spools and cards just waiting to be plucked up. I normally can admire vintage earrings, cabinet cards and postcards and not have them jump into my hands to purchase. But not these precious bits of lace.

Now that I have filled one glass container, I am sure I will be adding another glass container as I add to my collection of these lovely pieces. Can one ever have too many? I think NOT!


Stephenie said...

I know what you mean. I went shopping today and my eyes did the same thing.

Unknown said...

Oh lucky you! That's one thing that's really hard to get a hold of here!


Alice W. said...

A girl after my own heart! I love it too and have apothecary jars filled with it!