Button, Button

Whose got the button... That was a childhood game that we played. It was so much fun to see if we could find that button. Since then I have loved buttons, so when my friend Ali decided to host a button card swap at Silver Bella, I just knew I needed to join in on the fun! Just look at all the gorgeous buttons and cards that these wonderfully talented ladies designed. Each uniquely different and packaged beautifully.
Since I got back home from Silver Bella, I have been decided what to do with them. Some I have added to my Silver Bella Journal, some have been waiting patiently to be place on the perfect piece of artwork and recently I have "sprinkled" them around the house.
The Sweet Vintage Buttons now has a place on my windowpane cork board in my laundry room above my dryer. So every time I do the dreaded folding of my laundry and I can look up and see this precious little button card... and it makes me smile.
I also sprinkled a few others around my house just waiting to be "found" and enjoyed.


Christina said...

What an awesome swap idea! They each look like works of art. Love that you have placed them throughout the house. Fun idea.

Leah C said...

Gotta love buttons:)

Maisy said...

I too love buttons.
So many colors and styles.

Stephenie said...

I love buttons also. That was a great swap. I love all the different cards and buttons you got.

Barbara Jean said...

What wonderfully creative ways to display/share buttons.

Love the idea of the button swap.
One of these days i'm going to get in on my first swap. Wonder what it will be?

Barbara Jean

Jeanne Oliver said...

Those are really cute and what a cool idea!

Unknown said...

I am lucky to have one of your button cards! It is displayed on my inspiration board above my desk :)