Puppy Love

Today, I was so excited when I saw a package from Karla Nathan. I eagerly opened it up and couldn't wait to take a peak inside the wrapped package.

Just look at all the puppy love swap tags. Karla's graced the top of the stack, just look at that beautiful wallpaper and handmade roses. Darling!

More lovely wallpaper and beautiful artwork.

Just look at this tag made from a children's book. This reminds me of Valentine's that I gave and received as a child. Isn't she just darling?

And one made my friend Ali...

I just love looking and admiring all of the work and detail that went into these lovely tags made by so many different artists. So glad I participate in this swap.


Maisy said...

They certainly are just darling.

Leah C said...

Very cute tags!

SL said...


Unknown said...

Whata great swap! Those tags are adorable! Have fun with Kara and Ali!

Sandy xo

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I'm so glad you like the book, artists sent in such great tags!

I'll post a list of the blogs showing photos in a few days and add this one to the list.

Unknown said...

How fun to visit your blog and see you received one of the tags I made! The puppy dog valentine I used is one that my dad received while he was in grade school in the late 1940's. I was so surprised that he had saved it--

Gretchen said...

Great post of your tags. I was part of the puppy love tag swap and was fortunate enough to receive your lovely tage with the vintage couple and theme young love. I don't have it up on my blog yet, but hopefully will get photos taken in the morning sunlight and get it on my blog later today. Love the tag you made! Thanks!

Alice W. said...

Aww! It is adorable!!! I have followed Karla's progression with this project and it so fun to see how it turned out!

Kara Ward said...

That Karla out did herself...Kara

Dawn Gahan said...


I too was one of the lucky gals to have your tag in my tag book! This was my first tag swap and I was blown away by how beautiful the finished product was. Not that I didn't expect anything less than splendid from all these gifted bloggers!

Your tag was more than special. I've posted about it here:


Thank you!

Happy Valentine's Day

The Gahan Girls

Karen Miller said...

Love the topic and love the tags! How fun is that?!?!...;-)

Jennifer said...

Your tag book is beautiful. i received one of yours in my book. Thank you, it is lovely!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

I love all of those cute tags Sheila!! SUCH a fun swap that was for you guys.

xo Heather

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

Your tag set is adorable. I participated too and was very pleased with the ones I received. Wonderful valentine treasures to display for years to come!


Chloe Rose

joyh82 said...

What a cute blog you have. I love the puppy tags too!