My First Digital Page

OK, I know this is a start and I haven't figured out all the little secrets to add more lovely things to this page, but it is a start. I am proud of myself for taking the plunge, for trying something outside of my comfort zone. I don't know that it will ever take the place of my scrapbook paper, old vintage papers, luscious trims, and beautiful embellishments. There is something about the feel of them, the texture that I would miss if I gave up crafting and scrapbooking with the "real thing". But I just love the possiblities of combining these two artforms.


Leah C said...

Lovely first page! As much as I enjoy my digital dabbling, it could never take the place of having a real page complete with pretty embellishments to touch:)

SL said...

Congratulations, you made figured out the digital scrapbooking! Looks great!

Journal Swag said...

Well, I am VERY impressed! I think it looks very difficult! Good for you!