Life's Lessons

The past week my DH's boys basketball team had participated in an end of the season basketball tournament. It has been filled with many teaching and learning opportunities for the boys, coaches and parents. We came in as the underdogs and continued to get knocks and bruises, but won our first 2 games, which advanced us to play for 1st through 4th place.
Coming in on Sunday we knew that the referee situation was, high school students from the same town as the tournament. From the first few games played we knew that it would be more of a football game than a basketball game. We also knew that as we played for 3rd place that the team we faced was from the tournament hosts school, coached by a high school student there. But our boys (and coaches) rose to the challenge. It was a hard fought game, and we lost in the last quarter. It was a heartfelt lost for the boys (and parents). The head of the tournament came over and personally apologized to my DH and his assistant coach, for the referees calls.
Then after the games, we all headed to Dairy Queen for a delightful dessert. As the boys sat around a table, we saw the tears dry up and the smiles come back. They were boys once again.
And this morning, Connor put on his 4th place medal to wear. When I questioned him about wearing it, he replied "Mom, I am proud of myself and how I played." Another lesson learned, this time by me.... that you don't have to come in 1st to be proud of yourself and you can wear it with pride. Thanks, buddy, for teaching your mom a valuable lesson.


Maisy said...

Aren't those darn kids soooo smart. i mean come 5 yr old teaches me things everyday. i also just boys. i could just picture them at DQ. sweet.
thanks for being a follower.
ps.. i won't tell you that your are all grown up if you won't tell me ;)
happy monday.
good luck with my giveaway!!

Leah C said...

Way to go, Connor! You'll always be "1st Place" with us:)

Alice W. said...

A great life lesson to be learned from your son who is proud of his accomplishment no matter what! Congrats to Connor!

I recently felt the same when my brother Ezra came in last place at his Pinewood Derby contest...BUT the silver lining...he won a Best Design trophy ;) I praised him up and down for it!

Stephenie said...

You must of raised Connor well... It seems that our children are always teaching us life's lessons.