I've Caught a Bug

Yesterday the doctor has confirmed that I have caught an awful bug that may never go away. You know the kind, the one that lingers on no matter how much medicine, chicken noodle soup or rest you get. No, it isn't a cold or the flu it is the DIGI BUG....

Inspired by my dear friend Leah's post on digi playing, I just had to play this yesterday evening while the glue and Stickles were drying on a few more pages of my Junkin' Journal that I have been working on.

This lady can multi task!

  • 2 Junkin Journal Pages completed
  • 2 loads of laundry
  • dinner with the family
  • dishes
  • 1 organized sewing kit to take to work for lunch tomorrow
  • 3 kisses goodnight
  • 1 digi layout

I just can't get enough of the kits by Miss Shabby Jenn. Take a peak, she has quite a few on sale in February to get you started. You just never know... the bug may hit you!!!


Leah C said...

Oh wow...those symptoms sound very familiar. I think I have the same "bug"! I love, love your page! I didn't buy that kit last time I was at Miss Jenn's, but I'm feeling the urge:) Can't resist that birdie. Boy that bug is bad.

Stephenie said...

I need to catch that bug!!! I just love your page. I'll have to check out those kits.

SL said...

Love the new look! Can you help me catch that bug?!