Finding Beauty

Recently my sister, Sherri and I took some time and went antiquing together. It was a lovely time that we spent together talking, laughing, hunting and gathering. We are always on the look out for beautiful things to add to our home, artwork at great prices. Here is just a few of our treasures that we divided among ourselves.

This shop had 50% off everything, so we picked up some laces, linens and these beautiful frames.

Isn't it funny how these things that we picked up for less than $2.00 can bring such joy and beauty into our lives?

Just look at the embossing on these...

I can't imagine my life without these beautiful things that bring such joy at such a small price.


Leah C said...

Little things mean a lot...glad you got some fun time with your sis:)

blessings said...

It is true that the little things seem to give us the most joy. My wife and I do a lot of antiquing as well. I am usually the one who finds the really hugh expensive pieces of furniture or the like, that we cannot get and she loves to dive into the piles of fabric or trinkets and find that one special piece. But I love to see her smile and expressions when she finds that one piece. Enjoy them and take pleasure in the hunt and that one special piece. - Mr Blessings

Maisy said...

Great stuff.
My blog has the same theme today.
Love all the things you picked up.
I always find that I am drawn to the little details of something!
Thanks for sharing~

Journal Swag said...

I totally agree. I can have a wonderful afternoon sometimes for way under $20! Fun!