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Can You Hear It?

February 17, 2009

This shop has been calling my name the past few weeks. It has been calling me to come up and take another peak inside.
On our trip to Silver Bella in November, we found this jewel of a store in St Jo filled with wonderful trinkets and treasures just waiting to be discovered!

It was like no other antique store I have seen...

It was beautifully decorate and pleasing to the eye. It just sparked our creative imaginations. Each little nook and cranny was filled with lovely treasures. All so beautifully grouped together. Hopefully sometime soon, when the voice gets so loud that I can't ignore it any longer I will make the trip up once again.

C Maisy said...

Sure wish I had a place like that around my house. Although, truly....places like that are very scary for me. I It can be quite dangerous.
So far is this from your house??
Thanks for sharing~

Alice W. said...

Wow! It looks lovely! Wish I could go too! ;)

SL said...

Looks interesting. I bet we could do some serious "damage"! The next time it "calls"; let me know I will go. said...

Rusty Chandelier calls out to me a lot too! I was just up there last week, I love that place.