Time Together

This past weekend we gathered at my Dad and Mom's house to scrapbook together. (Picture from our Jan. scrapbooking night)One of Melissa's friends, Amy, decided to join us, too. It was a fun time spent scrapbooking, talking, eating and laughing. Dad even joins in on the conversations (we haven't yet made a scrapbooker out of him!)
These precious moments when we can spend time together is so dear to my heart. I thank God for the time that we can spend together as family. Love you guys!


Leah C said...

Family time = good times!

Maisy said...

i think you are a very lucky girl.
my mom passed away and i'm sooo different from my sisters that this would never happen!!
However, i'm so happy for you.
Thanks for sharing your tender moments with us.
ps..i don't even scrapbook but if i did i would plop down with ya and scrapbook!

Stephenie said...

That must be a night of fun!!!! I just love spending time with my family every chance I get.
The smiles in the picture, speaks volumes....
I just love the butterfly pin. It is just so beautiful.... When I opened that package it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for such a kind gift.....