Spring Thoughts

On one of the most bone chilling coldest days of the year, I am reminded of a layout that I recently completed... Spring 2 It.

This layout was a Spotlight that the ever talented Kara Ward designed. I took some liberties and reworked it a little to be able to add all my pictures from last years spring. I bet you can't tell from these pictures but I do NOT have a green thumb! I kill most everything but as you can see some have managed to live and live beautifully.

As I look at these beautiful spring colors, it is a reminder that this cold winter will pass and once again there will be spring.


Kara Ward said...

Ahhh, I miss making spotlights. I really had fun doing them. I like either snow or spring like weather...this junk in between drives me nuts. Happy New Year! Kara

Christina said...

What a cute layout! I miss those KW spotlights! I am so looking forward to spring!