The Prayer Shawl

My friend, Karen M, gifted me with this beautiful Prayer Shawl and the story behind it...

My prayer shawl was hand-crocheted for me by Karen using combinations of blues, purples and greens. The meanings of the colors are as follows:

Blue - Stability, trust, loyalty, faith, truth and tranquility

Purple - Wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity and mystery

Green - Healing, harmony, safety, hope, protection and peace.

While she was making it for me, she prayed for me, my family and friends. She prayed for God's will to be done through me as well as for well as for my wisdom, safety, health and support for whatever it was that I needed during these days and the days ahead.

This loving gesture from Karen touches my heart and warms my soul. As I cover myself with my prayer shawl, from the cold outside, I am reminded of all the love, prayers Karen bestowed on me while lovingly creating this beautiful shawl. Thank you Karen for your friendship, love, prayers and beautiful shawl.


Karen Miller said...

Sheila,it was truly my pleasure to make the shawl for you. It was a labor of love from beginning to end. I hope it warms your body and your spirit...Love, K.

Leah C said...

What a wonderful gift...even more special because it was handmade with love & prayer: