Nesting - Giveaway

Yesterday and today, I have been enjoying doing a little feathering of our nest. With each New Year, I am renewed again to clean, purdge, pudder and make my nest a lovely place to live. This year, as I am enjoying the nesting process, I decided to reward myself as I get each room done. I take pencil and paper in hand and I write down what I want to create to really make our space more personable or just change things around a bit. Some places will have some vintage photos that I have scanned from my MaMa's photo albums, some will get quick and easy tags to label what goes in each basket, and then other areas got a low cost makeover just by adding some pasta noodles to a mason jar. NO cost, just used what I had on hand. Gotta love that!! Do you also love to nest? Do you enjoy making low/no cost creations? Leave me a comment now through Sunday, Jan 4th at midnight about your nesting ideas/low cost creations and I will send you one of these to add to your nest.


Alice W. said...

Yes, I sure do enjoy "nesting" my home ;). I am always rearraging, reducing (and!), you name it! One of our low cost creations is to use old spoons, bent in half backwords and put up for curtain tie backs! The curtains rest in them so nicely and they add a bit of charm to the room...and are always a conversation piece when people realize what they are!

Good look with all you do to your home in the new year!

Nancy said...

One low cost thing I do for holidays is to use a glass pedestal and dome cake cover. For Christmas I put some glittered pine cones under it. For Valentines I will probably find some wooden or fabric hearts. It makes a lovely center piece at very little cost.

Unknown said...

Hey Sweetie! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

For my children's room, I remember painting my mom's old rocking chair and sewing pillows for it. I also painted a long tree branch and hung drapery over it for over the window. I loved the personal touch that went into the room.


Marilyn said...


I wish I had a great tip.... I am working on my nest this week/month but have a hard time finding the line between keep it I might use it in the future and toss it! This bad habit has left me with a ton of stuff that probably needs another home.

Barbara Jean said...

Well, I see i am too late for the contest, but will say this anyway.
Have to say my cretivity at home has gone a bit by the wayside since i opened my little gift shop in May 08. But, I sure do love going to work, and creating things to share with others. I have friends who put things in the store too, so it gives us all a place place for the things we make.
Blessings in 2009.
Barbara Jean