A Gift

Each Christmas for many years, the "sisters" have made layouts of each of our families to give as gifts to the each other. It was one of the gifts that I looked forward to each year. I enjoyed reading and looking at each handmade layout. My yearly album just wasn't complete until I added those "sister layouts". As the years progressed and our family obligations increased, it became more of a chore to get those layouts done - even though I enjoyed giving and receiving them. Being short on time this year, we decided to give the gift of a scrapbook night with my sisters and mom. This past weekend we enjoyed that gift of time. It was an incredible evening filled with food, laughter, wonderful conversation and time just spent together. It was one of the best gifts I received this year and hope that we have started a new tradition of giving this meaningful gift each year. Thanks Mom, Sherri, Lynn and Melissa (Dad too as he was there also) for a lovely evening spent together and one of the best gifts I received.


Maisy said...

What a gift you give to each other!! Wonderful to see true sisters!!

Unknown said...

That's a fabulous idea! I should do the same with my 4 crafty sisters! How are you liking Bellarama?


Christina said...

What a really cool idea!