Needle & Thread

For years I have dabbled in sewing, whether that was making a grandma's fan quilt or counted cross stitch. It was a activity that I enjoyed doing when Ken was deployed in the military. Hours and hours I spent counting and stitching. It relaxed me and seemed to pass the hours away. I gave many of them to my dear mother and sisters. When children came, the hours dwindled when I could sit and concentrate on stitching, so I gave it up and started scrapbooking and stamping. Now the kids are getting of the age that I can once again return to stitching small simple projects. Oh, how I love to feel the pull of the thread through the fabric, it relaxes me. Several years ago I made this heart piece. The first one I made like this was for my dear friend, Leah. After I made it I just knew I had to make one for myself.

After looking at some inspiring stitched pieces on Rebecca Sower and Heather Bullard's blogs, it has inspired me once again to pick up needle and thread in hand and create.


Shawn said...

I've put away the stitching too for awhile since Bethany has come. I did recently get it back out though and found a plastic "needle" for her to use. She thought it was really fun! It seems like a lost art. Love your heart it's gorgeous. Hope you are doing well :)

Barbara Jean said...

I love the simplicity of that piece.
Glad you are back to something you love and had to put aside for a season.

Barbara Jean

Leah C said...

You work wonders with needle & thread...I'll always treasure the stitched creations you've given me:)