Coming Together

This past fall I stopped by my local antique mall near my work, and found 3 drawers that were on sale... marked down to $4.00 a piece! I knew that they would be the perfect addition to my studio turned on edge to create shelving on the wall.
I had been looking for some shelving to go into my studio hallway so I could neatly display my inspiration pieces and some of my goodies in plain sight so I could enjoy and use in my projects.
I combined pictures of family, a little worn with age but ones that I treasure so much; Ken's father and his siblings, and his father as a toddler and then my grandma and my mom. I then added some other lovelies to store my goodies in. This display is ever changing as I add some little lovely to one of my creations and replace it with another. Don't you just love when things come together?


Alice W. said...

Such a creative idea! I LOVE it! I actually found some old ones at a sale once but didn't buy them because I wasn't sure at the time...darn! Oh well...maybe another sale!

Kasey said...

great idea!