Merry Christmas Sweet Friends

This Christmas I have struggled emotionally with the untimely deaths of two dear friend's family members. But through all the tragedy, tears and pain, I am reminded to find the blessing in each day God gives us.
I have been witness to the amazing out pouring of love, gifts, time, and talents from people in our community. I truly believe that through all this sadness that God does have a plan and He sends His love down through His people. So this Christmas, it isn't so much about the presents, but the true gift and blessing of being together as family and friends and giving of one's love, gifts and talents.
I wanted to share something a few beautiful handcrafted items that my dear friend Leah lovingly made me for my birthday and Christmas, that I treasure so much.

This beautiful book that is a constant reminder of our love of old things and especially or love of each other. And then this beautiful vintage glove that she made that I now have hanging in my room, so each morning and night I am reminded of our friendship that I treasure so much.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas surrounded by family and friends.


Leah C said...

Merry Christmas to you & yours:) Your friendship is...and always will of the best gifts I've ever received. Love you!

Christina said...

I totally agree! The gifts are beautiful! Merry Christmas!