Early Riser

December 28, 2008

Today, I was up early again today. I know it is mostly because of the puppy dogs this morning that barked to go out, but most mornings I am up early for work and a little bit of "Me" time. This is a quiet time when I catch up on my favorite blogs, take a little bit of time to just reflect and relax. It is a special time that I savor, so when I sleep too late in the morning and don't get this time, I truly yearn for it all day. So here's to the early mornings with all it's quiet wonder.
SL said...

We are so alike...I too am up having a cup of hot tea and enjoying a little "me" time.

Leah C said...

Early mornings are a favorite time of day for me, too...but my "early" isn't quite the same as yours:)

meleen dupré said...


caroline just loves her ornament...pink and glittery, that's my girl! i even have a photo of it up on my blog if janna wants to take a peak. thanks to both you and janna for doing this for the bella girls! hope you and your family are still enjoying the peace of the season,


Marilyn said...

Shelia... I love the way you put this. I hate it when I sleep in and miss the early morning freshness. Someday I will send you a poem I wrote on the break of dawn.