Digital Dummies X 2

Yesterday, my best buddy Leah came over for the afternoon of playing. Normally we craft, but yesterday we enjoyed some digital playing. As we are just beginners it was so nice to have Leah there to help trouble shoot, laugh and just plan our next project. We started with this one...

I just love this picture... my Dad is in sheer heaven when his grandkids give him kisses. Just look at that smile.

Then this morning I played with some more pictures. These are a recent order I placed with Karla Nathan for some goodies. Got to love these!!!

And some more wallpaper. Can one girl have enough?

I could stay home and play all day with these digital kits, but off to work I go.

Thank you Leah, for a great day of just being together and playing. Maybe one day we'll both be digital goddesses!!!

PS... After posting I noticed white around the pictures??? Why??? Oh, well I did say digital dummy right? Back to the drawing board!


Leah C said...

It was lots of fun "dabbling digital" with you...soon, maybe, we will be divas instead of dummies:)

Alice W. said...

Looks like you had some fun!!! (Oh and if you don't want white as the background, start them and save them as .pngs...then it will be transparent)

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!!!

Unknown said...

You're so funny girl!!!! All you have to do is use the magic wand around the outside of the frame and voila! Have an awesome day tomorrow!

Sandy xox

Vintagesquirrel said...

I recognized those little packages from Karla...she sells such gorgeous bits, doesn't she? said...

Enjoy your goodies!