Bella Daughter's Swap

Several weeks ago, Janna and I hosted the Bella Daughter's Ornament Swap. Janna's swap partner was Meleen's daughter. After receiving her wish list, Janna and I sat down to create an ornament.

With vintage wallpaper from Karla Nathan, a vintage postcard image, some glitter, glue and vintage embellishments Janna and I both enjoyed our crafting time together. We cut, glued and glittered.

Look at that smile! She was so proud of her artwork and hoped her partner was as excited about getting her crafted ornament as she was creating it.

What a special time Janna and I had creating this ornament and a special made ornament goodie for each participant in the swap (forgot to get pictures of those to show). A time I treasured so much during this Christmas season.


Leah C said...

Wonderful way to spend a day with your daughter...pretty ornament, pretty smile:)
Looks like you figured out how to make the frames work!

Christina said...

What a pretty ornament! And what awesome bonding time!

SL said...

What a beautiful ornament made by a beautiful girl. Sounds like you had a wonderful time together! That is what life is about...special moments shared together! said...

Its great to see some of my papers going to make such a pretty piece!

Unknown said...

It was a great swap and thanks so much for the goodies you sent my girls!

Sandy xox