Calling All Bella Daughters....

For a Christmas Ornament Swap! I was inspired by my teen Bella daughter, Janna, to organize a Christmas Ornament Swap for daughters of Silver Bella's near and far!
This will be a one-on-one swap with Bella daughters. Please leave a comment below or email me (at rumcraft@kc.rr.c0m) with your daughter's name, age and email address by Thursday, Nov 27th at midnight. Please let me know if you would be willing to ship your special ornament outside the United States.
I will be pairing each of the girls by age group.... 5-8, 9-12 and 13-17 on Friday, Nov 28th and emailing each participant with their Bella Daughter Swap Partner to get additional information of their likes and dislikes for ornaments. Then each special Christmas Ornament will need be wrapped and sent out no later than Dec. 8th.
A BIG Thanks goes out to Sandy for making the swap badge!! Thanks lady!! Also, please feel free to copy the swap badge to your blog!


meleen dupré said...


thanks for putting this all together!!! my daughter, caroline, 13 years old, would love to participate. she's a bella in training for sure!!


AliGripp said...

You can sign me up!! Sandy did a great job with the badge...I like this swap name better too!!

Heidi said...

I sent you an email - I have two daughters to join! Love the button!

Danielle Muller said...

my daughter julia would love to join...she is 11.



danielle muller