Simple Math




1 Evening of Halloween Fun at Disney World
7 Days of Dreams Coming True on the Disney Magic
16 family members together playing fun
954 Pictures
10+ Loads of Laundry
A Million Magical Memories to last a Lifetime


Leah C said...

Magical moments spent making magical is good, isn't it? So glad you had a fabulous time:)

Sherri said...

sounds like the memories more than make up for all that laundry! Glad it was so fun.

PS: Your box should be there anytime.

Christina said...

Ah yes, the laundry never understands the concepts of vacations. Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh how fun! Bet it was magical! We go to Disney World in December!!!

Unknown said...

I can only imagine how fun it was Sheila! Just try to imagine you're still there as you do the laundry..LOL!

Sandy xox

Micki said...

I love it!