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Magic - Janna Style

October 28, 2008

Sunday was a day of crafting some magic. While I was busy creating my magic, my creative, teenage daughter was creating some magic of her own--Janna style...

She painted an old, discarded board, then glammed it up with vintage earrings, crystals, silver garland, blue and white embellishments and of course glitter.

I just love to see her create. Her creativity inspires me to see outside the box. Just look at the crystal that she put on the snowflake charm.

She would love to be going to Silver Bella with me. She even asked if there would be other kids that would love to do a creative swap, so if you know of any kids that would love to do this or know of any kids creative swaps, please leave me a comment.

Leah C said...

Like mother, like daughter...leaving trails of creative magic wherever they go:)

Christina said...

Wow, looks like has her mother in her! How cool is it though that she is into crafting with you. I keep trying to get my older girls into it, but it's just not their cup of tea, yet.

Love your cupcake in your next post! So glad to hear you'll still be teaching. I need to get my act together and sign up for yours and Dana's classes. said...

That is really cute! You ought to post on the Silver Bella site, about a daughter's craft swap! there might still be time to do some one on ones.