September 6, 2008

My little 6 week old nephew, Andrew, is back in the hospital with a infection that has deterioated the bones in his arm socket. He had surgery last night to try to remove the fluid. Tests are still being ran and there may be more surgeries in the near future. Yesterday, shortly after we all received news of Andrew, my other mom who has cancer was taken to the emergency room because she blacked out. They ran tests last night and have released her to go home. Please dear Lord, be with our little Andrew, hold him tight in your arms and keep him safe. Be with Andrew's nursing and doctor staff. Lord, please give strength and comfort to Melissa and David, his parents and watch over my Mom and Dad.
Leah C said...

We are thinking of & praying for dear little Andrew and your family. My heart aches especially for Melissa & David; parents shouldn't have to see their baby sick and in pain. I have faith, though, that God will hear all the prayers and help the doctors make lil' Andrew well again.

Marilyn said...

Oh Sheila.....You and your family are first in my prayers today!

Sandy Michelle said...

He is so beautiful! I am praying for him!!!