Happy Birthday Sweetie

September 27, 2008

Today is the day that our little girl turns 14. I remember the morning Ken drove me to the hospital in labor, excitedly knowing that when we left the hospital our family of 2 would be a family of 3! Once we saw her little face, we knew nothing would ever be the same. Instantly, that she wrapped her mommy and especially her daddy around her little finger. We watched her grow from a sweet little baby, to a curious toddler and now into a beautiful teenager. I watch her each day growing into such a lovely young lady, both beautiful inside and out. It has all gone way too fast for this Mommy! Today, Janna may your birthday be a special one filled with many magical memories. And if you see me shed a small tear, just realize it is because this mommy loves you so much and is realizing that you are growing up way too fast! Love you, Boo!
Leah C said...

Happy Birthday dear, dear Janna! Your mama is right...you are blossoming into a beautiful young woman:) Just do us a favor and slow down a bit! Love you:)

Alice W. said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it is filled with fun and beauty for her!

Anonymous said...

You're a pretty great mom, Sheila!