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Dog Lovin'

September 30, 2008

We just love these dogs! 2 years ago December, these 2 puppies (Snickers and Tinky) came into our home and ever since they have definitely ruled the roost! Most days they have us up way to early, before 5:30 am to go outside, but the love and devotion that they give makes up for the early morning wake up calls.
Brother and Sister walking brother and sister... Yes these two little fur balls are brother and sister from the same litter! Don't think that Tinky (the little one) gets pushed around by Snickers... it is the exact opposite - - She rules the roost!
We can't imagine our lives without these little guys!
Leah C said...

Too cute...the doggies & the kiddos!

Alice W. said...

So cute! Renoir rules the roost here for sure! Gotta love dogs ;) said...

My dogs are a big part of my world too, I couldn't get along without them!

hey, you won a prize from me, please send me your address and I'll get it in the mail.

Laume said...

Our tiniest member of the family (Rosie the chihuahua) also rules the roost!