Caught Red Handed

I feel like a kid with her hand in the cookie jar... I have been caught red handed signing up again for one of Miss Foof's amazing Ezines - BellaWeen. I battled with myself saying that I have too much going on during this time frame, a cruise, swap items to make for Silver Bella, birthday parties, football, soccer.... Oh, how the list goes on and on... But I know I would regret not doing another one, not playing with by Bella Buddy Leah and enjoying all the creative fun. Maybe Sherri, might want to join in all the funn too. Can't wait until Sept 15th when all the BellaWeen excitement begins!!!


Leah C said...

Happy Bellaween! Can't wait to start crafting with my bella buddy:)


I love your blog! I found you through Sandy and I'm glad I did.


Unknown said...

Oooo I just ordered Bella-ween too after seeing that you joined too. Now how do I get access to it????