A Little Bit of Us Through the Years

After several weeks of not knowing exactly how I was going to put together one of my largest walls in my bedroom, I finally decided to take the plunge and just start hanging some of my artwork, vintage finds and lovely collectibles. I know all the blues don't match, but I like it because it is a piece of Ken and I through the years. From the Flow Blue China which reminds me of all the antiquing trips Ken and I took before kids, to the large platter made for our wedding gift from one Ken's cousin, who is an artist, and then to my newest love and passion, inspired artwork using vintage finds. This wall combines all of my loves though the years.
Our bedroom is starting to come together more and more. I would really like to paint it, but that will come later. So for now I am pleased.


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I love shades of blue together, such a nice look!

I wanted to come by and tell you that you won my August giveaway. Send me your address and I'll get it in the mail.

Leah C said...

The wall looks great...glad you finally took "the plunge":)

Christina said...

It looks so beautiful! Sounds like such a special wall too!