August 28, 2008

Several weeks ago, Leah and I got together to create this.... inspired by the artwork in the Postmark LA book. We had a wonderful time creating, talking and just being together. Just last night I add the final touches... lace to hang it by. I just love the earring attached to the bottle and the beautiful flower, that we had ordered from Andrea at 100 Wishes. I can't wait to finally hang it up. Leah and I have another day planned to create some more soon! I really cherish the time we spend together! It truly nourishes my soul. Thank you dear friend.
Leah C said...

Another creation complete:) I love, love the lace you used for hanging it! Can't wait 'til our next "'s always so much fun. So, thank you, dear friend of mine:)

Obe's said...

Soo pretty!!!

Kim's Treasures said...

Sooo beautiful!

Alice W. said...

So cute! Love it!