Back to School

This week the kids started back to school. It doesn't seem possible that these guys are ruling the school this year... Janna as an 8th grader and Connor as a 5th grader. Both are the big shots this year on campus... haha!
The kids actually posed for some photos before school. Not much protesting this time. Maybe it was because this is a yearly tradition, or maybe it was because I didn't force the issue of doing it at the bus stop!

When I started editing these pictures, I got so emotional... they are growing up so fast and I just want to hold on to these moments. Where have my babies gone? They have grown up way too fast!!

Have a great school year Janna & Connor! Learn all you can, make friends, play and have fun for it will be over all too soon and you will be heading off to high school and middle school next year. As Janna put it, "This is my last first day of middle school before high school!" I'm not ready!!! Thank goodness I have a whole year to get "used" to it!!!


SL said...

We need to put bricks on their heads, maybe that will stop them from growing up. Ha! The kids are beautiful and I enjoyed spending time with them this summer. Love you all!

Leah C said...

Yes, our kids are growing up too fast! Love the pictures...great smiles:) So nice of them to pose for their momma! Good luck in school, Janna & Connor...have a great year!

Kim's Treasures said...

Great photos! Hope they have a great school year!