And let the Craziness Begin

Today, is the first day of football and soccer practices 5 nights a week for 2 hours. With Ken coaching, and the kids practicing and me helping keep those boys and girls cool with cold washclothes and drinks, and running from one practice field to another, it makes for a very long day after 8 hours of work. I know, I know... I should have my head examined!! How does a family that works 40+ hours a week come home and then race off to practice fields and get anything else done? It is hard but with each season I have been able to try to keep some semblance of calm during the week by cramming all the chores in during the weekend and making all our weekly meals on Sunday. So yesterday, I prepared meals, cleaned house, did laundry and mowed the lawn. I even found time for a short nap and then up to create for 2SS. (see my mussie tussie below... and my Grandparent's Album is almost complete so stop on by in the next day or so for updated pictures!) I realize that all too soon these days will come to an end with our kids, so let the fall craziness begin!
I leave you with some pictures that I recently took of my Mom and Dad's beautiful flowers currently blooming. Wishing you all a joyous and calm Monday.


Leah C said...

A "crazy" life is a full life, don't ya think? And you're right...all too soon, our children will leave our nests and then we'll be 2 "little old ladies" complaining the house is too quiet:)

Leah C said...

Beautiful flowers...I bet your parents' yard looks lovely:) Forgot to mention the flowers in my previous comment. Silly me!