Weekend Happenings

This weekend was packed full of baseball games, creating and getting Janna off for her soccer camp.
Friday, we headed down again for another All Star game in Higginsville. We struggled to make our plays and ended losing our first game of the tournament. It was heartbreaking for the boys, coaches and families. Then Saturday, we decorated our cars and caravaned down to the tournament. We again struggled and ended up losing again and coming in 3rd in the tournament! It was a wonderful experience for all the boys, coaches and families that participated in this All Star Team. We are so proud of all that they accomplished in such a short time!
Then we headed to their ice cream/tire store. Yes you heard it right! One part of the store sells tires and the other ice cream. The bar tables were made from tires and it was such a fun place. The kids shared a 7 car pile up! They ate it all!
Sunday brought us getting packed and ready to send Janna to her soccer camp for 5 days and 4 nights. She eagerly packed her gear and danced to the car to get loaded up for the trip. Needless to say, I have shed a few tears as we walked on the college campus and then on the trip home. She made the comment that this would be her in a few more years heading off to college and dorm life. That really hit home and I shed a few more tears. Where has my baby gone? She is definitely growing up too fast! I am already counting down the days!


Leah C said...

3rd place is not too shabby...way to go boys! WooHoo Connor:)
Janna is definitely growing up! My advice? Don't count down the days 'til she "leaves", cherish them:)

SL said...

Sorry to hear the boys lost; however I know that they played their hearts out.
Janna has grown in to a beautiful "young" lady. I hope she enjoys her week!