Silver Bells, Thumb Woes and Sleepy Mom

Do you hear it? Can you almost see all the glittery goodness? I had visions of silver bellas all in a row last night because my dear friend, Leah, registered me for Silver Bella while I was teaching class a 2 Scrappy Sisters. Thank you dear friend for your fast and accurate typing abilities and for helping me out in a pinch! You are the best! By 7:20 pm, last night, only 20 minutes after Silver Bella registration was activated, I received a call telling me it was done... I was going to Silver Bella! Now the count down is on! Then, at the end of class I got a phonecall from my DH saying my son's thumb had been injured in a unlucky bounce of the baseball. So, I rushed home to take him to urgent care. Little did we know when we went it we would be coming home with a splint.... he had fractured is right hand thumb! And all we thought was maybe it had to be stitched up when we went in. We hope that he will still be able to play with his All Star Team! Well we didn't get home until midnight to 2 dogs that were begging for attention. So everyone else went to bed and I stayed up for a while. Oh, I am feeling it now since I have been up since 5:30 am! My hope is that I can make it through work without nodding off to sleep! Wish me luck!


SL said...

Congratulations on signing up for Silver Bella. I know it is a dream come true. Sorry to hear about Connor. If you need toothpicks to hold your eye lids open, give me a call...I have some.

Unknown said...

I am so glad you got in with SB!!!! Your poor son though! Hope you get some rest today! Lots of excitement in your household:)

Sand xox

Leah C said...

You're going to SilverBella...whew! I'm so relieved and excited:) Poor Connor...wishing his thumb a speedy recovery so he can still play in the All-Star game!
P.S. Get some sleep;)

Heidi said...

This is my first visit here, but I just wanted to say I'm going to Silver Bella too (first time!)!

Hope your son's thumb is healing!

Happy 4th!

Everyday Cookies

Kim Kwan said...

can't wait to see you @ SB!!