Excitement Brewing

There is so much excitement going on around here! I just popped over to Artsy Mama's blog and signed up for Sweet & Sinister Swap! I had so much fun with her swap last year that I couldn't miss out on this one! She is taking sign ups until Sept 1st, so head on over there and check out the details... my mind is already reeling with all the creative possibilities.
This swap means so much more to me as I met Sandy and now we are going to finally meet at Silver Bella. It will be one of Silver Bella highlights to finally get to meet her after all this time.
Excitement is also brewing on the Silver Bella yahoo group! Oh, what fun that is getting to know other Bellas before the big Bella Day! I hope to be able to meet so many Bellas out here in blogland.
Wish I could pack my sister, Sherri and friend, Leah, as I will sadly leave them behind on this Bella crafting adventure. It is sure hard to do as I know they would truly love it!! Maybe next year my dear ones!


Leah C said...

Sigh...maybe next year, dear friend, maybe:)

Unknown said...

OMG Kari is doing another S&S Swap and she's adding tutorials?!?!?!COOL! Who would have thought that a year after we were made swap partners- that we would actually meet-eeeek! I'm soo excited!!XOXOXSand