Baseball Fever - Catch It

This week the 92 Hwy All Stars have headed to Higginsville to play in the Little League All Star Play Offs. This is where All Star Leagues throughout the state have come together to play ball. It has been an honor for Connor and the rest of the boys who made the team. Twelve boys and families have come together from 3 different cities along 92 Hwy to make up this team of All Stars... and boy they have come together in talent, spirit and brotherhood. All led by Coach Todd, who we are so blessed to have as a coach and mentor to the boys. We have won our first 2 games! Connor came in last night as the relief pitcher and brought us another victory! We are looking forward to more games this weekend. It is absolutely amazing how after 1 week of practicing together that have come together and playing like a team of brothers that have been together all season.
The best thing is that my parents, sisters and their families have been coming to support and cheer on Connor and the team. Thank you! It really means a lot to us.
Way to go 92!!!


Christina said...

What an amazing experience for Conner and the rest of his teammates! Sounds like you are all having fun at the games!

Leah C said...

Way to go team:)