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Weekend Handmade from Home

June 9, 2008

What happens when you are inspired by Rebecca Sower's Handmade from Home Series and find an old picture with frame (which my children tee hee'd over the BIG HAIR - I had to chuckle too), discarded cross stitch linen that was put into the garage sale pile, some paint, old vintage buttons, some lace and a few precious hours this weekend to create...
I really enjoyed stitching the buttons, finding and adding each meaningful embellishment and then putting it all together. I blended our family treasures from both Ken's and mine, added some new treasures that I received from Alice W. at Painted White, then a beautiful quote and frame that I recently purchased from Rebecca Sower's etsy shop that I had just been dying to use.
Each item holds significance for me and I have enjoyed looking at it over and over again. There is such a sense of accomplishment that I created something that I will treasure for many years to come from things I had lying around the house and headed for the garage sale. I guess I need to rethink my garage sale pile! The beauty of this project is that I can add to it or change if I want. Thank you, Rebecca Sower, for sharing your inspiration and God given talents.
Leah C said...

Love this! Brynn & I were just talking about making one for her room "re-do"...guess I'll have to make two:)

SL said...

I love your new project! It is amazing. I need to find all my treasures to do something like this.

Sandy said...

I love how yours turned out girl! Great job!


ArtsyMama said...

Love this! Gorgeous:)

I wanted to let you know that the JunkMama Journals article with your quote is now published at

Thanks again!

Micki said...

Just remember, "Big hair never goes out of style. It just goes flat." The frame however is great!


Alice W. said...

Omgoodness how creative!!! And I thought I recognized some of those little items...hehe! What an honor!