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June 19, 2008

Sunday before our Father's Day get together, Sherri and I stopped by our MaMa's house to go through old photographs. We had so much fun looking through albums and pulling out these to copy.... It was a wonderful time spent with MaMa reminiscing and her telling us the stories that went along with them. Here are a few that really touched my heart... My PaPa's school picture and look what he wrote on the back...

My grandparents were so in love, even at an early age. It just warms my heart to hear the stories my MaMa tells about PaPa. She really loved him and misses him. He died right before I turned 16. He was a warm, gentle, loving man with not so many words, but he always enjoyed when his girls (Sherri & I) would visit. I remember his big hugs that I always felt loved and safe in them.

Their love grew and they had two beautiful children, my Dad and Aunt Jackie. Weren't they a good looking family?

They loved to fish and passed that down to us....

I can't believe my MaMa was dolled up to go fishing!

I can't wait to visit MaMa again and go through more pictures and hear her tell the stories.

Leah C said...

What a lovely way to spend time with your MaMa...wish I could get some of those days back. Can't wait to see some of those old photos up close:)

Christina said...

Oh how fun. I hope one day my Dad might be able to part with some of my Grandma's photos. Maybe I can convince to at least let me look through them when we are out there.