Last night we stopped by JoAnn's and came across a beading kit marked down to $3.97 each. Janna and I had talked doing some beading and jewelry making for a while, but I wanted to keep the cost low until we knew if we really found out we enjoyed and wanted to do it. So for $3.97, it was a bargain. It came with beads, crimp beads, the tool, beading board and wire, so last night before my haircut we bought one kit. By the time my haircut was done, the kids had made some gorgeous jewelry, so back to JoAnn's we went to pick up another 2 plus some more bead packs that were discounted! Gotta love that!
We head home and started putting together more pretties!

We had such a great time picking the beads, arranging, talking and laughing. It was a wonderful evening spent together just the 3 of us, and they even got to stay up later than normal. A special treat! Look at those grins!

What you can't see is the big grin that I had on... It was a fabulous evening spent creating with my kids, that I treasure! We can't wait until the next time to do more creating... could this be another hobby? I think so!


Leah C said...

Creating jewelry, fun, & memories all for $3.97...can't beat that!

Christina said...

It's a fun hobby isn't it? I like it because I feel like there is no way for it to turn out looking wrong and it doesn't take days to make something. Looks like you three had lots of fun. The bracelet looks beautiful too!