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I Saw Red

June 1, 2008

Each day this week I am going post red things for the "I Saw Red" Party hosted by Sadie Olive. Today, I choose these two pictures to post: This beautiful Cardinal sat perched eating on my sister's deck in March of this year. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to get such a good shot through her kitchen window. God's creations are so beautiful! Then today, I took a picture my worn, chipped, red antique water pump that my parents had given to me years ago. It has moved with us each time we have moved, but it has finally settled outside our front porch of our Smithville home. Each day it welcomes me home and reminds my loving parents.

I found you through the I See RED list and I love the name of your blog!!! I see that you love time worn things and to scrapbook too!!!!
I love the story about the red water pump and how you have moved it from place to place.
Have a great week!

Leah C said...

Love the photo of the cardinal! And we both took pics of our pumps(mine to be posted later), but yours has a better story to go along with it:)

Sadie Olive said...

Great pictures!

Rosezilla said...

Hi, I'm doing the Red game too, and wanted to see what some others had done. I LOVE cardinals, and that is a great shot!

Sandy said...

Ooo I love your red pix! I had a feeling we would meet one day!!!! I am THRILLED you too are going to Silver Bella! WOOOHOOO! We'll talk closer to the date!