Precious Time

Yesterday, I spent some precious creative time with my twin sister, Sherri. We both lead busy, hectic lives keeping up with our families that we don't always have the time to nurture our creative souls together. Yes, we get together often for the celebrations in our lives, but it is always hard to find the time to create, laugh and enjoy one another's company. So yesterday morning, I packed up my scrapbooking things and my kids and headed over for some creative nurturing.
While our kids played together, we created, talked and laughed for hours. I enjoyed every moment together. There is a special bond between sisters, but a closer bond that we share by being twins. We broke for lunch for a delicious kid friendly, hot dogs, mac n cheese, carrots with dip and grapes. Yes, we are mom's and that is what the kids enjoy! I do have to chuckle at that one, but it fed our tummies so we could feed our souls.
We truly are blessed to be so close, not only in miles but in our hearts. Our kids are more like extended siblings than cousins. It warms my heart to hear them playing together, laughing and occasionally fighting.
It was a precious time that nurtured my soul. Thank you, Sherri for being such a wonderful sister, loving friend, great aunt to my children, and for sharing a few precious hours with me. I can't wait until the next time! Love you Sis!


Leah C said...

So glad you & Sherri got to spend some quality creative time together:) But, the kids are growing up way too fast!

SL said...

I had a fantastic time creating with you! Let's not wait so long the next time!

Love you,