I Saw Red 2

As I look this week around my world, I have begun to realize that I surround myself with colors of red. I really thought I might have a challenge finding red, but that is not the case. I have always thought a person that liked red was a strong, wild, artistic person that lived out loud, like my friend Dondee. I love her zest for life, her living in the moment and artist flair that incorporates lots of reds in her house. I have always admired her for that, because I have always felt that I was more the quiet mouse in the corner. Now that I look around and see all the bold red I do have in my house, maybe I just might have more of that strong, wild, artist person, living out loud in me?

Here is my red for today. This beautiful metal flag with it's beautiful colors of red, blue and white, stands proudly in my living room along with my daily reminder that It is a Wonderful Life. I bought this flag in California while my DH was serving our country in the Marine Corp, more than 20 years ago. This flag has seen many things since then, seen my husband stationed in Okinawa, Philippines, serving our country in Desert Storm, has ridden hundreds of miles back to Missouri, and graced every living room that we have had over the years. It is a constant reminder that freedom isn't free and that we live in the best country in the world. So when Leah, gave me the sign I knew it just had to go underneath this beautiful flag. It is a wonderful life and many people have sacrificed so we can have a wonderful life!

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Leah C said...

In the decade we've been friends, I've loved that metal flag. It is a constant reminder of how great & wonderful it is to be an American. But, for me, it also means "home". The home I have found in the home of my best friend.