Covered in Red

This quilt was given to me over 20 years ago, by my friend Lynn's neighbor. Being a wife a of a military man, I spent many days (and nights) alone. I became friends with Lynn's neighbor, who was a generous and carrying older lady. She too was a wife of a military man, since retired, who had befriended Lynn and I. She had no children of her own, so we visited her as often as we could. We enjoyed sitting out on her sun deck, talking and laughing. She would serve of us homemade goodies on beautiful depression glass plates, and old linens. Through our conversation she knew how much I loved antiques and beautiful handmade items. Then one day, she took my to an old chest and showed me this beautiful handmade quilt her mother had made that wasn't her colors, but she had kept it not quite knowing what to do with it. As I was beginning to leave that afternoon, she met me at the door and handed this quilt to me. She knew how much I loved it and she knew that I would love and cherish it. Yes, I do still love and cherish this quilt. It has proudly hung in my house everyday since then. It reminds me of her, and the random act of kindness bestowed upon me.


SL said...

What a wonderful act of kindness. I too love that quilt and always wondered were you got it. Now I know.

{oc cottage} said...

So, so pretty.

M ^..^