The Art of Creative Seeing

I have long read and re-read "Keep It Simple for Busy Women, Inspiring Ideas to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Lif e More", by Emilie Barnes. It is a almost daily devotional that brings me great peace and joy. When I feel overwhelmed by my busy schedule or pressures are pouring down and there is no relief in sight I turn to the well-loved and torn pages of this book for comfort.
Today was on the art of creative seeing... It encouraged me to start with familiar old possessions and look beyond it's original uses, it can be painted, refinished or covered. Has that what I have been doing? I think Yes. But it also challenges me to look with hope beyond the limitations of my abilities and resources. Emilie Barnes says all it takes is a bit of ingenuity to discover the wonderful possibilities of every area of my life. So I need to turn my creative eye to other areas in my life to keep it simple... Just think of the possiblities!


Christina said...

Sounds like a great book! I'm thinking I'm going to have to get myself a copy.

SL said...

The book sounds like something I would want to read. I have ordered it from the library.

Kayla-Emily-Lucas said...

The book sounds great! Meeting you at SB would make it worth my trip for sure! Where did you say you're teaching?