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Grandma Great

May 7, 2008

These past several weeks my thoughts have been turning towards this beautiful lady holding my mom, my grandma. Little did she know when this picture was taken over 60 some years ago, that she would have left such a wonderful legacy of daughters, granddaughters and great grandchildren. She was a true angel on earth. She was slight of stature, not weighing 100 lbs soaking wet, but she gave the best bear hugs. Those hugs were so filled with love. She was the glue that held the family together. She taught us “bumming” the true art of spending time together going shopping and NEVER spending a dime. We would window shop, talk, laugh and dream together. Then it was off to her favorite place to eat – McDonalds, where she ordered a coffee, hamburger, small fry and hot apple pie. Those times I cherished the most. As a little child she had ear problems and left her hard of hearing for most of her life, until a few years before she past away she got the Cadillac of hearing aids that allowed her to hear things she had never heard before. I remember our first trip to McDonald’s after she got her hearing aid and she complained that it was too loud. She actually enjoyed going to McDonald’s because she thought it was a quite place to go! She saw the births of her first 2 great granddaughters, but then God decided to call her home November 1996 after battling cancer. Janna and Shelby called her Grandma Great. Oh, how I wish she could have met her other 5 great grandchildren. The best gift she gave was my mom, Grammy to my children. She now carries on the tradition of family importance, McDonald’s, a special snack drawer for the grandchildren, and most importantly the best hugs ever. We love you Grandma Great!
Leah C said...

It is clear that you loved your Grandma dearly. What a wonderful legacy of love she left for you & your family to share and carry on. Beautiful tribute, Sheila, to a beautiful lady. Janna & Shelby got it right...grandma great indeed:)
P.S. Love the photos! Is that your mom...the bathing-suit beauty? OMG, she looks like a Hollywood starlet!

SL said...

What a beautiful tribute to Grandma!

Sandy said...

What a beutiful tribute to your gorgeous Grandmother. It's great how you guys are carrying on hthe traditions she started!


Christina said...

She sounds like she was such a wonderful woman. How wonderful it is that you have so many wonderful memories and tradiions of her.