Coming & Going

For the past 4 days we have caught ourselves coming and going. We have spent time either on a soccer or baseball field, or painting the outside of our house. Connor had 3 baseball games, which he hit a in the park home run and almost passed the little guy that had been on 2nd base as he headed for home!

He then finished up pitching and did a wonderful job.

Janna's soccer game was bitter sweet. They did such a fabulous job against a great team, but just couldn't get the ball in the goal and lost their last game of the season. The girls really came together this year and we saw improvement and teamwork just blossom. It has been a great season and it is hard to say goodbye for the summer. We also are almost done painting the outside of the house. We just have to finish the trim color around the last 3 sides and paint the back door, but at least the big part is done. There a places on my body that are really talking to me. Gosh, it is hard getting older! Needless to say, I haven't had as much time to sit down and relax or create. I am really missing it... Hopefully I can get to that tomorrow or Wednesday night before Connor's next baseball game.


Alice W. said...

This post is a great reminded to me to get out to my brother's baseball games...two of them play...and it is so easy for me to be "too busy" to make it sometimes...but it matters so much to them to have the support.

Congrats to you kids on finishing they can relax and have fun!

Hope you show pics of the house when you get it all painted!

Christina said...

Sounds like fun. I know with just Erica's activities it gets kind of crazy, but I so enjoy getting to watch her perform too.

Hope you are able to find some creative time!

SL said...

The house did look great! The color looked a little familiar. Ha!