Lost and Found

After seeing this beautiful vintage millinery yesterday on Artsy Mama's blog (oh, how lucky of a find!!), I soooo wanted to go antiquing. I even called Timeless Treasures Antique Mall to see if they were open... Yes until 8:00 pm. Doesn't get better than that for a person who works during the week until 5:00 pm!! As the work day dragged to an end, and the weather was cold and dreary, my thoughts kept pointing towards home and snuggling down with the family to stay warm. But talking with my DH, he encouraged me to go have some "Me" time... So I did. I totally LOST all track of time, deadlines and worries as I wandered up and down the isles. I took the time to go in and out of each booth trying to find those small treasures buried that I normally don't have the time to find. It was a blissful 2 hours spent looking, trying to visualize making something old and used into something useful and beautiful. I also wanted to add some more vintage goodies to my traveling companion (see earlier post) that I am putting together. I didn't find any vintage millinery, but I FOUND some beautiful hankies, vintage lace, a key, another wire jar holder and some old spools of thread (just perfect to wrap some lace and thread around for my traveling companion!). Thanks, Sweetie, for encouraging me to get LOST in some precious Me Time, for I found much more than beautiful things - I FOUND MYSELF!


Leah C said...

Good for you for taking some much deserved -- and long overdue -- "me" time!

SL said...

Me time is always needed! Your DH is wonderful to realize you need it. Can't wait to see what you create with your new treasures.