Sunday morning before church I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures and have a few pictures snapped of me. I seem to be the one behind the camera and never in front of it, so opportunity in hand I asked Janna to take a few pictures of Ken and I together. Yes, I realize the tree is growing out of my head, but I so loved this picture that I just had to share. Maybe if I could ever figure out my PhotoShop I will erase my growth!
I also took a few pictures of my darling kids that are growing up too big!!!
My beautiful girl that poses so beautiful for each picture - on this photo shoot anyway!
My goofy boy just couldn't pose with out his peace sign so I snapped the picture any way.
We are so blessed!


Leah C said...

Yes, you are so very blessed...and I feel blessed to have each of you as part of my "family" :)

SL said...

Your picture as a child next to your picture as a adult, it amazing to see how little you have changed. Just a few wrinkles that is all. Ha!

Unknown said...

You definitely are blesseed with such a beautiful family! Sandy

Alice W. said...

What an adorable family! And I adore the peace sign! I have 3 little brothers and one of them can't help but do that in all of his pics too! Reminds me of!