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Somerset Life & Charm School

March 31, 2008

The weekend started out Friday, when I stopped into Urban Arts and Crafts hoping that this was there....

What an absolutely amazing magazine filled with inspiration! I just devoured this issue and can't wait to lurk on some blogs that were mentioned. This definitely worth every penny I paid. I can't wait for the summer edition!

Saturday morning I treated myself to a wonderful class at 2 Scrappy Sisters taught by Kara and Ali – Charm School. I enjoyed being the student and learning new techniques on how to solder, and where to find inspiration to make these beautiful mini pieces of art. Kara and Ali helped us one-on-one showing us how to connect the jump rings and smooth the foil tape for a profession look. I thoroughly enjoyed this time spent with other ladies learning, growing in my art, laughing and being inspired. I also brought home some wonderful new product so I could continue making more beautiful charms! I can’t wait to use the wavy foil tape. I’ll have to post some of my creations when I complete them. Thank you Kara and Ali for a great class! I can’t wait for the next one!

Leah C said...

So glad you gave yourself a treat for a change! I just love the box and the charm bracelet.

The Feathered Nest said...

How cool Sheila to take a class on soldering!!! I wish I had taken one...I'm still not doing it the best but look at Sally Jean's book for inspiration ~ I want mine solder thicker so I guess I need to really cake on the flux!! Thanks so much for the sweet words about the pincushions, what a bonus for them to slip a little photo in this issue!! Don't you love all the cool ideas?? This is really like a book, not a magazine ~ thank you again Sheila, xxoo, Dawn